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  • Deep Cleaning

    It’s hard enough to find one hour to clean, let alone 5 or 6! Surface cleaning week after week leaves a lot of undesirable dirt and grime left over that is usually difficult to see and easy to ignore. That juice last month that spilled under the refrigerator, the dust piling up on the ceiling fan, or the cheese that fell on to the bottom of the oven become all too easy to accept. Our cleaners’ expertise and meticulous attention to detail will clean parts of your home you didn’t even know were dirty! Let us hit the reset button on your home today!

    In addition to preforming standard cleaning services, a little description of what we would do:


    • Sink/Bathtub/Toilet cleaned and sanitized
    • Fixtures cleaned and polished
    • Tile grout scrubbed
    • Wastebaskets sanitized
    • Mildew chemically treated if necessary


    • Pull out all major appliances to sweep and mop underneath
    • Clean & sanitize refrigerator
    • Scrub and clean oven and stove top
    • Clean inside of range hood & clean vent
    • Clean inside of microwave
    • Clean inside/outside of all cabinets
    • Clean the insides of all windows

    Common Rooms/Bedrooms:

    • Clean baseboards & molding
    • Vacuum under beds
    • Dust all blinds, celling fans & lamp shades
    • Vacuum the edges of all carpet
    • Vents (high or low) & AC units dusted and cleaned