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    We’re just as keen as you are about getting an estimate together for the work you’re enquiring about. Here at KCC, we understand and respect the uniqueness of each job.

    From a compact condo, to an expansive townhouse, every residence needs varying amounts of time and labor. From a multi-story office space to a high fashion atelier, requirements for the commercial jobs we undertake also do vary enormously.

    At KCC, we’d rather look at your premises and talk to you about your expectations. We’d prefer to exceed those expectations than to not meet them. And an on-site assessment goes a long way toward allowing us to do that.

    By assessing the scope of your cleaning job prior to providing you with a quotation, we’re better able to give you a quote that’s accurate and fully addresses the needs of your commercial facility or residence.

    A variety of services.

    KCC’s services vary from one-time clean ups, to post-construction for both residential and commercial clients, to regular cleaning at your home or commercial space. Because every home, office, retail outlet, and institutional space is so different, we give you the individual assessment you need to get the level of service you expect from Kennedy Commercial Cleaners.

    You’re unique, so we honor that uniqueness with a tailored assessment of your requested service. This puts everyone on the same page before we get to work.

    Quotes made easy.

    We make it easy for our customers to obtain a timely quotation. If you choose to fill in the contact form to schedule a walk-through and quote, we’ll respond within 24 hours. Within 48, we’ll schedule and then, be on site to assess your needs and provide you with the kind of transparent quotation that honors both sides of the agreement.

    For more timely assistance, please give us a call, or use our live chat option.

    Kennedy Commercial Cleaners is committed to your total satisfaction. Please contact us to find out more about the cleaning service everyone’s talking about.