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  • Floor Care and Cleaning

    Floor Care and Cleaning

    Every aspect of your work environment’s appearance makes a lasting impression and creates a sense of your values and your professionalism. It’s true for your clients as well as your colleagues and employees, for first-time visitors as well as those who walk through your doors every day of the week. 

    Most commercial buildings have installed vinyl composition tile floors to their high traffic areas. They are attractive and durable, but they do require regular maintenance to offset the effect of age and foot traffic. To ensure that your vinyl composite tile flooring looks as attractive as possible, it’s essential that they are maintained and cleaned by experienced professionals. 

    At Kennedy Commercial Cleaners, we’ve invested in the most effective products and equipment to extend the life of your floors and keep them looking their best. Our experienced service professionals have been specially trained and are committed to your satisfaction and the safety of your staff and customers.  

    Our floor care and cleaning services include:

    • Stripping and Waxing – This deep cleaning process removes dirt, stains and old wax using a stripping agent and neutralizer, scrubbing to clean the tile, then applying several fresh coats of wax to create new shine and improved appearance. 
    • Scrub and Recoat – This process uses an auto scrubber or floor machine with a scrubbing pad to remove dirt as well as the top layers of floor finish, then applies new coats of wax.
    • Spray Buffing – Spray buffing addresses everyday scratches, scrapes and scuffs, restoring the floor to a freshly-cleaned appearance. The process starts with sweeping to remove surface grit and mopping where heavy soil is present. After the floor is dried a floor machine equipped with buffing pads is used in combination with a spray buff liquid to polish the floor and restore its shine.
    • Burnishing – The burnishing process is similar to buffing but does not include residual cleaning. The burnishing process utilizes a higher number of revolutions per minute than the buffing process and delivers a wet-look and maximum shine.