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  • Post Construction

    Kennedy Commercial Cleaners specializes in bringing commercial premises the very best in detailed, deep cleaning. When it comes to post-construction cleaning, we get rid of the mess, so you don’t have to.

    Every business owner is anxious to present the best possible public face. They want their premises to appear modern, fresh and up-to-date. And that means occasional upgrades to reflect the changing needs of your business, as well as to appeal to a public keenly aware of appearances. But renovations also mean a post-construction mess. When you’re dealing with sheet rock (and you invariably are), your premises are going to be under a film of dust which is insidious, getting into every nook, cranny and vent.

    Professional post-construction cleaning.

    KCC isn’t afraid of a little sheet rock dust. Because we’re professionals, we know how to approach it, where to look for it and how to remove it. It can be a frustrating, tedious job if you’re unaccustomed to cleaning it up.

    If your renovations are extensive, we may come in to do a rough clean to remove excess dust and debris. This type of cleaning is performed between stages of construction work by your contractors. It allows subsequent contractors to come in and work unhindered by residual dust. It also gradually reduces the amount of dust, ensuring that laborers aren’t breathing it in as they work. Rough cleaning makes it easier when we proceed to the detailed cleaning when the job’s donetoo, allowing us to leave your premises spotless.

    Every job is different.

    For minor renovations, we may be able to complete the job in the span of just one day. But every construction job is different, so we’ll assess your needs, then proceed accordingly.

    Fill out our contact form to schedule a quotation and we’ll respond to your request within 24 hours. Within 48 hours, we’ll walk through your premises to assess your needs and provide you with a quotation.

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