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  • Houses of Worship

    When people gather to worship, they enter the sacred space with reverence. This is the House of God. People of all Faiths come to be in the presence of holiness, regardless of the name by which they call the Divine.

    Part of that experience is derived from respect for the act of worship itself. Respect is expressed in everything from statuary, to floral arrangements, to the way we dress when we attend worship services. But respect for the space itself is expressed in the way it’s maintained.

    A spotlessly clean house of worship is a reflection of the reverence worshippers bear with them, as they enter its precincts.

    Kennedy Commercial Cleaners brings houses of worship the highest standard of professionalism and deep down clean that honors their sacred purpose.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness 

    A house of worship is set apart in a way no other edifice in the world is. It’s consecrated to the sole function of worshipping the presence of God. With Kennedy Cleaners delivering cleaning services to your house of worship, you’re assured of a glowingly clean worship space which welcomes congregants with spotlessness.

    Our mission to bring every contract we undertake world class clean that’s detailed and thorough. From stained glass to delicate statuary, we’re the cleaning service that doesn’t stop at the superficial.

    Superior service

    At Kennedy, we hire only the best cleaners. Our crews are proud of what they do. They come prepared to create an impeccably clean environment for your worshippers, with the right products and equipment and an unflagging commitment to providing superior service.

    Fully licensed and insured, Kennedy Commercial Cleaning’s work force believes that cleanliness really is next to godliness.

    Contact us to discuss how we can maintain your house of worship in impeccable order and cleanliness, for the total comfort of your congregation.