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  • Education & Daycare Centers

    You’re in the business of caring for other people’s children, keeping them safe and busy, as they enjoy their first social experiences.

    That’s a tall order. It’s also a sacred trust that demands a facility which offers your young guests irreproachable cleanliness.

    At Kennedy Commercial Cleaners, we come to your day care center cleaning job knowing that your floors will be crawled on, rolled over and slept on, as children nap. That’s why we’re meticulous about our work.

    The lives of children are precious and the service your facility offers is crucial. Parents depend on your day care center so they can move forward in life, knowing the kids are alright.
    With Kennedy keeping your facility spotless, you and your clients can be sure it’s meeting the highest standards of cleanliness.

    Licensed and insured crews.

    KCC hires only professionally-trained cleaners. Fully licensed and insured, our expert cleaning crews come to your contract on a mission of leaving it sparkling.

    When your young children arrive for the day, there’s no telling what they’ll get up to. But with Kennedy, that’s OK, because we’ll leave every inch of your day care center gleaming with meticulous clean that can be crawled, rolled and slept on, without concern.

    Children deserve the best.

    It’s the nature of childhood to be fearless and to explore. With Kennedy Commercial Cleaners, your day care center will be kept in the state of immaculate cleanliness demanded by the needs of a childhood without boundaries.

    Contact us to talk about how we can support your work, with professional-level cleaning that lets your kids enjoy their time with you, fearlessly.